NOT AN INTERVIEW #1 (Wasted Rita squizzes Frank Turner)                   
Last album you bought.
The new record by Stornaway. It's really great, I'm enjoying it a lot.

Where will you wake up tomorrow?
In bed at my girlfriend's place.

One concert you will never forget.
Many to choose from, but maybe The Hold Steady in Austin TX. That was something  else.

What did you have for dinner yesterday?
I had spaghetti bolognaise actually, it was tasty.

First five things you did today.
I'm kind of ill right now, so probably cough, sneeze, drink water, take pain killers and then complain.

If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?
Not be ill.

One movie you will never get tired of (re)watching.
"Instrument" by Fugazi. It's the most inspirational film I've ever seen.

Which Seinfeld character are you?
Uh, I don't know Seinfeld so well. Frasier was on that, right? I like Frasier.

What is Satan's middle name?
"Comrade". To quote Vaclav Havel, "God save me from those who have my 'best interests' at heart".

What makes you smile like a fool?
Good stand up comedy, I'm a sucker for it.

Before the end of today, what would you wish to happen?
For my head to stop hurting, haha.

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