NOT AN INTERVIEW #3 (Wasted Rita squizzes Austin Lucas)    

Last album you bought.
The best of, Marty Robbins

Last album you downloaded.
I downloaded spirit in the night by Bruce Springsteen, the other day. 
I don't know that I've ever really downloaded a whole album.

Where will you wake up tomorrow?
In my bed.

The concert you will never forget.
Don Henley with Suzanna Hoffs.  It was the spring of 91, just before I became "punk".
God, that was an awesome concert though.

What did you have for dinner yesterday?Salad and pizza.

First five things you did today.
Checked my email, smoked a cigarette, pooped, ate a piece of pizza, walked the dog.

Bruno Mars or Mika. (Which one would you prefer to kill?)
I don't know who either of them are.

If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?
Record a duet with George Jones.


One movie you will never get tired of (re)watching.

Which Seinfeld character are you?

Worst band ever.
Metallica. Coincidentally, they are also the best band ever.

What is Satan's middle name?

Minor Threat or 7 Seconds. Both.

What makes you smile like a fool?

My life.

Last book you read.
The Fallon blood by Robert Jordan.

Before the end of today, what would you wish to happen?

The toppling of all current governments and the abolishment organized religion.        

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