First: Did you go to my exhibition at Pensão Favorita already?
''Sex, punk-rock and job interviews'' it's not just another boring art show, I swear.
In fact, it's the best mini-exhibition with the worst lighting system I've ever been to.
You can see all the details h e r e.

Secondly: Did you check how awesome people look wearing these?
If you want one, you should grab yours now:
There are less than 15 t-shirts left, and only men's M and L sizes available.

Thirdly: I'm also having new fanzines.
One with photos only. Other one with words only.
And a last one mixing words, photos and draws.
More info soon! Stay tuned. 

Last but not least. Yesterday, I just had the most heartwarming surprise.
Finally I got to see and have Botswana's album in my hands.
(Sorry for all my social awkwardness, guys!)
I made all the artwork and this shit is looking RAD. AH!

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